Please have the below points in the mind before selecting any training Institute.

Points to be considered before choosing any training provider

1. Who will provide the training ? Is he a Trainer or Industrial Experienced Engineer ? What kind of projects he worked ?

2. Does the Trainer's have any Global ( Abroad ) Project Experience?

3. How many years of experience he has ?

4. How the training is provided ? Based on Real time project? Existing project backup? or Simple problems?

5. Ask for the Trainers profile.

6. Check the Lab facilities, Because many training institute's don't have real DCS / ESD/ SIS / Instrumentation systems. Ask them the Make and Model for that systems.

7. Get feedback from the current students.

8. Don't believe if someone says 100% placements.

9. Don't ask about placement, ask about the technical skills only. If you ask about the placements, then you will be cheated easily.

10. First try to develop strong technical skills. If you have strong technical skills then  definitely you will get a job.

11. Now a days the PLC and SCADA are very basic, So try to learn the DCS ESD/SIS and Field Instrumentation also to get more job opportunities in India and Abroad.

12. Please check the trainers profile and background. Trainers should be a Industry Experienced professional, because they only know about the expectation of the Industries.

The course is useful for is for fresh engineering /diploma graduates who desire to build a career in core industries and Professionals working in the industry who want to upgrade their present level of knowledge to enhance their job profile and create a better position for themselves in their career .

Today, practically all industries are having PLC control operation, such as steel/cement/power plants, paper /rice /flour /sugar, refineries, petrochemicals, mines, machine shops, defense, railways, aircrafts, /steel / aluminium-rolling mills, packaging industries, fertilizer factories, pharmaceuticals, communication, ports, building automation etc.

The need for skilled personnel in PLC, SCADA application is increasing in existing industries and in any new industry with automated systems, the need for trained personnel is a must as their processes are controlled with PLC/SCADA/Drives.

Yes. Since we start the training from basics and cover all the core topics in detail so it will not be a problem for you to understand.

Automation has become an integral part of process industries .All most all industries have to use automation if they have to compete in the global market. So it is essential to all professionals to have practical knowledge about the automation hardware and software

You will be enriched with the latest technical knowledge related with the industrial automation so while you appear for interviews it improves the chances of getting selected. Also you will be in a position to design and commission an automation system.

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