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Certified PLC Engineer (CPE)

EAS (EXCEL Automation Solutions) is Specialized in PLC Training in Chennai, PLC, SCADA, DCS, ESD, SIS, Industrial Automation, Embedded Systems Training and Control & Safety System in oil and gas industry.

Certified PLC Engineer

PLC Training in Chennai

Training Duration: 15 DAYS

PLC Training Method :

All our Trainer’s are Industrial experienced engineers and our PLC Training will be based on our executed projects in the past.

PLC Training Overview:

1. Basic of Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation, Programming, Process.
2. Understanding for Automation & Control
3. History of PLC
4. Basic Components of Automation
5. Hardware / Software classification of Automation
6. Application of Industrial Automation
7. Job opportunity for PLC

PLC Course Content:

1. Introduction to PLC’S
2. Architecture of PLC
3. Application and Advantage of PLC
4. Automation Concept and basic design
5. PLC programming
6. Introduction of Ladder Logic
7. Introduction of SFC
8. Introduction of Instruction list
9. Programmable Logic Controllers basic’s
10. Software / Hardware Introduction
11. Programming of PLC using 1131-3 Languages(LD, FBD, IL,etc.)
12. Developing the PLC programming from Control Narratives
13. Creating & Editing Ladder Logic Program
14. Developing industry oriented application programs using plc Programming Software
15. Interfacing PLC with various field input/output devices
16. PLC Fault Finding, Trouble Shooting
17. Forcing I/O’s
18. Detailed sequence of wiring
19. PLC Control Panel Wiring
20. Interfacing with Relay logic
21. Hands on Experience from Real time application
22. Detailed Functions blocks and Wiring concept of Digital & Analog I/O modules
23. Fundamental of Basic Process Control
24. Implementation of Control Narratives
25. Transmitters / Transducers / mA Sources connect with PLC
26. Overview of Flow, Pressure, Level, Temperature Transmitters
27. Overview of Control valve and ON/OFF valves

Industrial / Project Documents:
  • P&ID Diagram (P&ID)
  • I/O List
  • Cause & Effect diagram (C&E)
  • Control Narrative
  • Single Line diagram
  • Function Design specifications (FDS)
Available PLC for Training:
  • Siemens PLC ( S7-300, S7-400 & S7-1200 )
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Schneider PLC
  • Mitsubishi PLC
  • GE Fanuc PLC
  • Fuji PLC
  • Omron PLC
  • Delta PLC
  • Keyence PLC
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